March 2016 I finally made the plunge to homeschool and enrolled them in an online public school. Yes, yes. There might be a debate as to whether or not you can say you homeschool while they are receiving “public education”. I say “yes”. They are home, doing school, and 99% of the time, I’m the one teaching. So, one of the first things I told them was, “It’s new for everyone. Give it time.”

It was at times frustrating because my kids were taught to sit at their desk and wait to be told what to do. That’s what they knew. But what I wanted was for them to be able to work, not only on their own, but to not sit and wait to be able to move on. Again, that’s what they knew. They had to wait until this subject time frame was over and then we can move on. They had to learn that they were able to freely choose what subject they wanted to do first. My son loves Science and he would start with that all the time. My daughter loves Art and would look forward to it. It was a long process of teaching them that it’s ok to finish early and move just as much as not understanding fractions and needing more time. The day was structured around them. In the beginning it took foreverrrr. It felt like this online school was just assigning a ton of lessons just to make sure they were learning or had something to do. It was too much and overwhelming to the point where I would just skip all the extra stuff, if I knew they understood it, and had them take the assessments. They had Live Lessons which would allow their teachers to teach via webcam. Each teacher had more than 30 students and was available for only 30 minutes! That is not enough time. I had to find other resources to fill in the gaps. There were many times we got behind and couldn’t finish our lessons each day. It was very frustrating for everyone. The kids weren’t enjoying anything. They didn’t want to be homes-chooled, reading was no fun, math took too long, and social studies was boring. This is where prayer changes things. I prayed for guidance in how and what to teach them. I became a better mom because of it. I had them in that program for a two loooong years. I thought they would improve things the second year. Which it obviously didn’t. Now I’ll be starting a Bible based curriculum, BJU. I will be starting their Bible Truths 4 in a few weeks and I’ll post some reviews of what I think. I’m very excited about this new chapter and can’t wait to try out this new curriculum. 🙂